Virtual Marketing Assistance

Are you struggling, as a small business owner, because it’s only you and you have way too much to do to keep the business going?

Or maybe you have realized that you need to delegate some tasks, moving forward, if you are going to grow your business?

Well, if you’ve answered YES to one of these, you’ve come to the right place!

There is a chance I could help.

I support small business owners with their digital content marketing needs:

  • Creating graphics for their social media channels and blog
  • Setting up their social media pages
  • Assisting them with the planning and execution of their content marketing (this means assistance ONLY at this stage)
  • Designing leaflets and other printed collaterals – not to be confused with brand identity packages –  to help spread the word about their services  and events (ideal for local businesses and entrepreneurs who run regular workshops)

To find out if I can help, get in touch!