Hi there & welcome to my creative & digital world!

My name’s  Alex and I am a virtual Marketing Assistant and I love learning about the digital side of business:

  • How to produce beautiful and effective graphics for digital content marketing
  • Social media marketing

I developed an interest in business, graphic design and how to get social media marketing right as I explored creative entrepreneurship online the past few years.  I have learnt a good number of things and continue learning a little more each day.

That’s how Chai Sweet Chai was born.

Overall, entrepreneurship and success in business  are topics I love talking and learning about.

I equally love the idea of helping others be more successful.

This blog is my digital outlet where I share the new things I learn, my creative projects, the inspirational content I stumble upon and discuss the business and creative books I read.

Why Chai Sweet Chai?

Though I love talking and thinking business, I love doing so in a relaxed fashion and ideally around a nice cuppa. I like mine chai.