Hi there & welcome to Chai Sweet Chai, my virtual digital marketing studio!

My name’s Alex and I am the Virtual Digital Marketing Assistant behind the brand.

I help small business owners with:

  1. Their marketing graphic production
  2. Everything else digital marketing they need help with

Being a creative at heart, I have found the design side of it all to be a sweet spot that keeps the creative in me satisfied while the digital marketing side of the business keeps my analytical mind engaged and stimulated.

Overall, entrepreneurship and success in business are topics I love learning about.

As a result, I love supporting entrepreneurs and helping them be more successful.


I developed an interest in Digital Marketing and Graphic Design as I explored creative entrepreneurship online the past few years.

I learnt a good number of things the past few years and continue learning a little more each day and growing, as a digital marketing assistant, as I run this business.

I am a digital marketing assistant in the making in two words.

I juggle client work and training, at the same time, and love seizing the opportunity of a new challenge or task to learn!


If you wish to find more about my work, please, visit my Instagram feed where you’ll see videos of my creative process.

Thank you for your visit and all the best with the business!

If you wish to talk about how I can help or whether I can help, get in touch or DM me on Instagram!