Marketing Flyer Template


Depending on what services you offer, flyers can be a great way to reach out to potential customers.

The better the design, the higher your chances to make a great impression.

Indeed, when it gets to promotion, your message needs to be rapidly conveyed in a concise manner, meaning visual appeal, readability and presenting potential customers with the information that matters to them quickly is a big deal. Good design can make the difference between a flyer going straight in the bin or being talked about.

You want yours to outstand and be talked about.

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I am particularly fussy about readability and visual appeal because I want you to get the best return you possibly can on your flyer investment.

What I recommend is that you start small with one pack of flyers only.

This way, the investment remains minimal and affordable.

Limit your investment to one pack but be strategic about your distribution tactic in order to give yourself the chances of obtaining the best ROI you can possibly get on your first flyer investment.

How can you be strategic with flyer distribution?

Instead of asking or paying someone to distribute them for you, go and knock on people’s door yourself. Do this door-to-door yourself. At least in early days.


It’s the perfect opportunity to build rapport with potential customers, introduce the face of the business to them and give them a feel for what awaits them if they choose to work for you.

The idea being to make sure you can justify the cost before you further open your wallet.

Once you’ve managed to get a good ROI on your first pack and can see business moving in the right direction, you could repeat the experience yourself in a brand new area.

Once you’ve covered all the areas you wish to service, delegate flyer distribution in the same areas moving forward.

So, if you feel you’d like to give flyers a try, why not getting in touch?

Request a custom flyer design today for only £30.

Alternatively, you may wish to browse my existing flyer templates.

Not quite sure yet that using flyers is a good marketing strategy for your business? You will find more marketing ideas in our small business marketing ideas list if you need to explore other options.

Best of luck with the business and I wish you all the success you deserve!