Hi there & welcome!

Chai Sweet Chai is my creative & entrepreneurial outlet.

I’m Alex, a UK based entrepreneurial artsy bird, who likes nothing more than a good business chat or a good session of art making with a nice cuppa and some lovely music in the background.


If I had to pick 1 word to summarize the artist that I am I’d pick Variety. I thrive on variety. Variety keeps me alive and awake. So, you’ll see that reflected in my content.

Though a keen “traditional” artist, I’m growing fonder of digital art too and I’m currently learning Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop (preparing for the ACA…let’s see how this goes!) with a view to expending my art to graphic art.

Going back to Fine Art, my media of choice so far have been watercolour and pens. This said, I’m an artist in the making, so that means I enjoy exploring new media too.

Subject wise and style wise, I love drawing with the copic 0.01 for its very fine line. Check my dog drawings at Exquisite Dog Art. Alongside, I love drawing and painting pretty much everything. As long as I can find an angle that I like, then chances are I’d like drawing or painting it.


I absolutely love doing this using Canva and sometimes Illustrator (I’m going to use Illustrator more and more for this in the future!).

I’ve been using Canva for some time now and intend to explore this tool further on this blog in the future.

Another thing I wish to start alongside is creating monoline icons. I simply can’t get enough of these. I particularly connect with this style I found though initially I also liked flat icons.


One thing I came across that got me hooked the past few years, probably because of its creative nature, is basic web design. I always call it this way because I feel it wouldn’t be right to call it Web Design as it involves very little programming. That’s creating websites using tools such as Squarespace and WordPress.com.

I’ve had a blast using these tools, particularly WordPress.com. I’ve also used HTML and CSS on WordPress.com and I’m looking forward to revising these and learning more in the future as a hobby thing. I found that these programming languages are very satisfactory to the creative that I am.


Well, not much needs to be said here. If you’ve ended on this blog, chances are you’re quite digitally aware and have already come across this growing fixation on becoming one’s own boss for the pure sake of enjoying our dream lifestyle whatever that is. Right? Well, I subscribe to this thinking too because I think it’s a fab life goal. Complete financial, geographical and physical freedom! The dream.

I like keeping my entrepreneurial explorations relaxed. You won’t find me subscribing to every entrepreneur podcast, newsletter and what not but you’ll probably get me seriously hooked if you strike a conversation about a new business idea. If I’m bored, you’d hear it pretty fast but if I’m not, you’re better off grabbing yourself a coffee because the conversation can last 🙂

I’m not too happy about the current state of my entrepreneurial awareness though and I’m going to try and make it a weekly habit, moving forward, to learn something new. I’ll blog about it.

I hope you enjoy the read and thanks for stopping by!