Canva Design – Tip 1 – Locking Objects

Are you getting frustrated with Canva because it’s not easy to select design elements sometimes due to the number of elements on your page and they seem to overlap?

Well, if that’s the case, don’t you worry.

You can easily get passed this frustration using the lock functionality located on the top menu:

It’s the icon just before the bin icon.

It’s been a little while I’ve been wondering what this icon did and I now have the answer: it locks the selected object. This is super handy when your composition uses many design elements.

For instance, imagine we had some texture right underneath the word Canva but on top of the dark blue box. If we were to change the color of the word Canva, we would probably run into problems because we would struggle selecting it.

This difficulty will come from the fact that the bounding box of the texture underneath overlaps with that of the word Canva.

In case you don’t know, a bounding box is the box that surrounds a design element. It is the box that comes with handles that allow you to scale up or down the object:

In the example above, I’ve activated the bounding box of the frame and the handles are circled in red. Actually, if our texture was big enough, we might even need to lock the frame as well, in addition to the texture, or it would make selecting the word Canva even harder as the bounding box of those 3 objects would more or less overlap.

So, when you lock the object, the lock icon goes from open to locked and the bounding box becomes invisible:

This means this area of your page – where you need to work with the word Canva – is now safe to manipulate without interferring with the surrounding or overlapping objects.


I’d say once you are happy with the visual’s overall background which can sometimes require various objects to create, lock them all so you can then easily manipulate the layer of objects that go on top to finish your design.

It’s this simple.

I hope you enjoyed this tip and happy design!