Affiliate Disclosure

I use affiliate marketing links on this blog sometimes. In the event of you having clicked one of these links and made a purchase on the website the link took you to afterwards, I will earn a commission for having brought the merchant a sale.

What is affiliate marketing?

It’s basically when someone – typically a blogger – promotes a product or service on behalf of a merchant with a view to bringing the merchant a sale. This person is the affiliate.

How does an affiliate promote anything?

With a link on a webpage. This link is the affiliate link. For instance, in a blog post, they may link specific words and when you click on these words, you are redirected to a specific product page on a merchant’s website.

Do affiliates get paid to do this?

Yes. They typically earn a commission when their promoting effort results in a sale.

How do you know when a post/page contain affiliate links?

There will be a note to that effect in the post/on the page where relevant.

What merchants do I work with? Are they trustworthy?

At this stage I work with Amazon.

I may work with other affiliate program providers in the future. Where this happens, I will update this section to keep you informed. So, I recommend that you regularly check this spot.

Where else do you use affiliate links on this blog?

I use it on the blog sidebar in the future.