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Photoshop Delight

It had been some time I had been delaying learning Photoshop properly. But recently I decided to jump in. I’m glad I did because this new software seems to be opening a brand new world of opportunities for me as an aspiring digital artist. Alongside this, I’ve also been playing around with Procreate Pocket on my phone to test out the water with regards to Procreate while pondering whether I should go for a decent graphic tablet or an ipad for procreate.

So, in that vein, I recently did a few digital pieces I’d like to share (always great to keep a record of those very first works we did in a particular medium just for the sake of revisiting them many years later and see the progress we’ve gone through):

I’m particularly fond of the mountain range – no.1 – done in Photoshop but also love the color palette of the other 2 done in Procreate Pocket.

I’ve also started pod from scratch again with a brand new shop as it transpired that I wasn’t doing that the right way at all before and I wasn’t up for correcting mistakes because this can be quite a job on zazzle only. One thing I’m not going to repeat this time around is wasting time on pod in early days, both on the shop and social media front. I wish to spend most of my time making art and learning as opposed to marketing and never ending shop work. I particularly have Zazzle in mind when saying this. Zazzle can be great in the sense it has the best product catalogue in the pod world, it opens the doors to evergreen niches – and that can always be handy when it gets to ecommerce –  but it can also be such a tedious job because it’s product creation process isn’t the most efficient one despite involving a decent editing tool.

Here is a sneak peak into my society6 store:

I discovered a few new products on society6 – the above coasters for instance – and they look very nice. So, I added them to the store. I’ve also added this design to a few products, including the below tote bag, in my zazzle store.

I’m very much looking forward to my future Photoshop explorations 🙂

Does anyone out there use Photoshop in their art? How do you like it?

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