Don’t stress out! Focus on growing your business.

I can help with digital marketing!

Digital marketing has become instrumental in achieving business objectives for many businesses these days. From increasing brand awareness through expending the scope of customer service delivery to achieving sales targets, it undeniably comes with numerous benefits.

These benefits come at a price though if you are a one man show and wear all the hats in your business: that of time. Digital marketing takes time.

And time is money.

The solution? Delegate!

What could I help you with?

1. Instagram Management - The full spectrum of activities required to grow your account to meet your business objectives 2. Target Audience Research on Instagram 3. Blog and Social Media Graphic Production

Hi There!

My name’s Alex and I’m a digital marketing virtual assistant.

I take care of digital marketing for small business owners so they have more time to run and grow their business and enjoy life.


What is digital marketing virtual assistance?


Digital marketing assistance from a remote location.


The benefits of using a marketing VA

Using a marketing VA offers multiple advantages:

– 1 –

It frees time for you to focus on running and growing the business.

– 2 –

It keeps you fulfilled as you get to focus on doing what you’re great at and love doing.

– 3 –

It gives you more time to enjoy life and invest in yourself.


Is digital marketing virtual assistance right for me?


Virtual digital marketing assistance typically suits small business owners who would describe themselves as one of the below:

You are reaching burn out point and could seriously do with having someone take over marketing from you.

You have recently realized that, if you are going to grow your business the way you wish to moving forward, you need to start delegating tasks.

Design and all things digital aren’t your cup of tea. You’d rather stay away from both.

You’re just starting out and want to give the marketing hat to someone else from the start so your time remains free for you to run and grow the business.




Do you offer assistance with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube marketing?

Not at the moment. Why?

I’m a digital marketing VA in the making. This means, though I have used all these platforms before, I am yet to learn to be strategic about them. Instagram is where I can offer full service simply because this is the platform I am currently focusing on with regards to training and developing expertise (yes, in a client facing capacity).