Don’t stress out! Focus on growing your business.

I can help with digital marketing!

Digital marketing can become overwhelming for entrepreneurs for various reasonsĀ  and, as such, can lead to frustrations. Whether you need to pass on the marketing hat to someone else so you have more time to run and grow your business or marketing simply isn’t your thing, I’d love to help.

What can I help you with?

1.Instagram Channel Management 2.Hashtag Research 3.Market Research (online & social media) 4.Graphic Design for social media/ blogs/ marketing collaterals 5.Posting to Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter 6.Basic Keyword Research 7.General Assistance with Social Media Marketing & Blogging activities (planning, brainstorming, graphics, set up, posting, responding to comments, etc) - THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE BLOGGING as WRITING BLOG POSTS!

Who is virtual digital marketing assistance for?


Small business owners who are reaching burn out point and seriously need someone to take marketing over from them to allow them to recharge their batteries and enjoy their entrepreneurial life more moving forward.

Small business owners who have realized that they need to delegate some tasks, moving forward, if they are going to grow their business.

Small business owners who simply aren’t into design and social media and would rather stay away from these and focus on doing what they’re great at and love doing.

Are you one of the above?

If you’ve answered yes, there is a chance I can help.

Here is what I cOULD help you with:

Instagram Channel Management

Full spectrum of marketing and design activities required to run and manage your Instagram feed in alignment with your business objectives.

General Assistance with Social Media Marketing & Blogging

You stay in charge and delegate the tasks you don’t have time for to me.